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2018 Koyker / Nortrack Tractor / Loader
model TD824

    *   demonstration model

    *   less than 6 demonstration hours

    *   82 horsepower

    *   4 wheel drive

    *   Shuttle shift transmission has 16 forward and 8 reverse speeds

    *   2-stage LuK GmbH & Co. clutch with 2-speed PTO

    *   Hydraulic power steering for near-effortless turning

    *   Reliable DANA front-drive axle and 4-wheel drive handles a variety of working conditions

    *   Wet disc brakes

    *   3-pt. Category 2 hitch for implements

    *   Step-through design for easy access to climate-controlled cab

    *   Features digital AM/FM stereo system

    *   Replacement parts available from NorTrac (1-800-521-0438)

    *   12V power outlet

    *   full on-road lighting package

    *   turn signals

    *   suspension seat

    *   full instrument panel with fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure and hour meter

    Incredible Tractor, Incredible Value   More Tractor for Your Money
    The closer you look, the clearer it is; NorTrac offers the power and features to get any job done at a fraction of the cost of other brands.  When you're talking about NorTrac tractors and implements, you're always getting more for your money

    Handles it All for Less
    NorTrac tractors are perfect for taking care of any work.  The NorTrac 82XT 82 HP 4WD Tractor helps you complete your disking, hauling, plowing and all other agricultural jobs quickly and easily.  It's perfect for midsize and large farms.   This tractor is an incredible value, with proven technology and great features.

    Rugged and Reliable / Easy to Operate and Maintain
    A tractor that you can count on, made with solid, proven technology, which makes this NorTrac so reliable and simple to maintain.   All maintenance points are clearly marked and with the owner's manual, you'll be able to keep your NorTrac in top running condition for many years.

    Power - Plain and Simple
    The heart of the NorTrac 82XT Tractor is a 82 HP 4-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine with standard equipment glow plugs and lower radiator hose heater.   This tractor is engineered for trouble-free use and easy starts, even in cold weather conditions.  

    The engine powers a 16-speed forward and 8-speed reverse transmission thanks to Shuttle Shift and selectable 2- or 4-wheel drive to let you go anywhere with confidence.

    Everything You Need
    The NorTrac® 82XT 82 HP Tractor has everything necessary to be a highly valuable tool and perform a huge array of tasks. The rear 3-pt. lift and drawbar hitches and PTO work perfectly with all NorTrac and standard Category 2 3-pt. implements. The 82XTC is equipped with hand and foot throttles to make working with PTO implements easier on long work days. If PTO power isn't enough for you, there are also two sets of remote quick-connect hydraulic ports.

    Loaded with Features
    The NorTrac 82XT 82 HP Tractor is a solid workhorse, but that doesn't mean that it isn't without refinements. Split brakes and heavy-duty agricultural tires can handle the most rugged terrain.   The climate-controlled cab lets you work in comfort in any weather, with heat, air conditioning, front and rear wipers, an AM/FM radio and a 12V power outlet.   It has an easy step-through design that is easy to get in and out of.   The large side-view mirrors, front and rear work lights and rear hitch observation window help you monitor your work.   To keep you informed, the dashboard has full instrumentation.   The standard on-road lighting package means that you can legally drive on public roads to get from one worksite to the next.   The seatbelt and adjustable suspension seat keep you safe and comfortable when you work long hours.

    Get More Done
    Thanks to its 2-speed PTO Drive, the NorTrac 82XT 82 HP Tractor can be used to power a wide variety of implements including rough-cut and finish mowers, post-hole augers, spreaders, rotary tillers, concrete mixing bowls and many other 3-pt. hitch-mounted, PTO-driven tools.  

    Its enormous 40-gallon fuel capacity lets you work for hours on end!

    Key Specs Item# 511124
    Brand NorTrac
    Manufacturer's Warranty 24 months parts / 24 months labor

    Ship Weight 8267.0 lbs
    Product Style Tractor only
    Tire Type Ag tires
    Air-Conditioned Cab Yes
    Rated Power (HP) 82
    Engine Displacement (CI) 244
    Rated RPM 2,200
    Engine Type 4-cylinder, vertical, inter-cooled, turbo charged, liquid-cooled, diesel w/balancer
    Engine Model Lovol Tianjin 1004D-4TW2T82P01 EPA III
    3-Pt. Hitch Type Category 2
    PTO Speed (RPM) 540/1,000
    3-Pt. Hitch Lift Capacity (lbs.) 3,595
    3-Pt. Hitch Lift Travel Dist. (in. (mm)) 29 (737)
    PTO Power (HP) 74
    Overall Dimensions L x W x H (in. (mm)) 182 x 80 x 113 (4,622 x 2,032 x 2,870)
    Net Weight (lbs. (kg)) 8,267 (3,750)
    Min. Operating Weight (lbs. (kg)) 8,795 (3,990)
    Rated Traction Force (lbs.) 4,300
    Wheel Base (in. (mm)) 86 1/2 (2,195)
    Wheel Tread Width - Front (in. (mm)) 63 13/20 (1,610)
    Wheel Tread Width - Rear (in. (mm)) 63 7/8–79 1/2 (1,620–2,020)
    Front Axle Ground Clearance (in. (mm)) 15 (379)
    Tires - Front 11.2-24
    Tire Inflation - Front (PSI) 17 1/8–19 7/8
    Tires - Rear 16.9-34
    Tire Inflation in Field - Rear (PSI) 17 1/8–19 7/8
    Turning Radius (in.) 165
    Gear Box With Shuttle Shift 16F + 8R
    Clutch Dry, dual action (LUK)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 1st (MPH (KM/H)) 1.2 (1.91)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 2nd (MPH (KM/H)) 1.4 (2.29)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 3rd (MPH (KM/H)) 1.6 (2.54)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 4th (MPH (KM/H)) 1.9 (3.05)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 5th (MPH (KM/H)) 2.0 (3.29)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 6th (MPH (KM/H)) 2.5 (3.95)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 7th (MPH (KM/H)) 4.0 (6.41)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 8th (MPH (KM/H)) 4.8 (7.69)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 9th (MPH (KM/H)) 5.0 (8.18)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 10th (MPH (KM/H)) 6.0 (9.77)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 11th (MPH (KM/H)) 6.8 (10.88)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 12th (MPH (KM/H)) 8.1 (13.06)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 13th (MPH (KM/H)) 8.8 (14.12)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 14th (MPH (KM/H)) 10.5 (16.94)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 15th (MPH (KM/H)) 17.0 (27.46)
    Nominal Speed - Forward 16th (MPH (KM/H)) 20.5 (32.95)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 1st (MPH (KM/H)) 1.8 (2.91)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 2nd (MPH (KM/H)) 2.4 (3.87)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 3rd (MPH (KM/H)) 3.1 (5.02)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 4th (MPH (KM/H)) 6.1 (9.76)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 5th (MPH (KM/H)) 7.8 (12.45)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 6th (MPH (KM/H)) 10.3 (16.58)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 7th (MPH (KM/H)) 13.4 (21.5)
    Nominal Speed - Reverse 8th (MPH (KM/H)) 26 (41.8)
    Power Steering Pump Volume (GPM) 3.2
    Hydraulic Flow Rate (l/min. (gal./min.)) 50 (13)
    Fuel Capacity (gal.) 40
    Front Drive Axle (gal. (qt.)) 2.25 (9)
    Transmission (gal. (qt.)) 10 (40)
    Radiator (gal. (qt.)) 3.7 (14.8)

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