Purchase Offer and Agreement

This Agreement is made and entered into by and between:
RAPIDYNE CORPORATION hereinafter referred to as SELLER
whose address is:
hereinafter referred to as BUYER,
whose address is:
contact phone number and/or email address:
Please enter the name(s) exactly as you would like it to appear on the Deed:

Witnesseth: The SELLER, for himself, his heirs and assigns, does hereby agree to sell to the BUYER, their heirs and assigns, the following real estate commonly known as:

3760 W NEVADA HWY 372, PAHRUMP NV 89048 and further described; as:

Assessor's Parcel Number: 2857601
Undivided Lots 4 & 5, Block 16, Pahrump City
Vacant Land

together with all appurtenances, rights, privileges and easements and all buildings and fixtures in their present condition located upon said property.


In consideration whereof, the BUYER agrees to purchase the above described property for the sum of Twenty One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($21,450.00), payable by check accompanying this Purchase Offer and Agreement the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.


Real estate taxes on this property are approximately $50.00 per year.

Real estate taxes are fully paid up to date. All credit for pre-paid real estate taxes is hereby transferred to BUYER by SELLER and no consideration for same is required by SELLER.


The BUYER has inspected the property constituting the subject matter of this Purchase Offer and Agreement, and no representations have been made to the BUYER by the SELLER in regard to the condition or use of said property; and it is agreed that the said property is being sold to the BUYER as the same now exists and that the SELLER shall have no obligation to do or furnish anything toward the improvement of said property, except as may be provided herein.

To the best of SELLER's knowledge, utilities such as electricity, water, sewer, and trash pick-up, are currently available to said property. Costs to bring utilities to said property is to be determined by the individual utility supplier and are the responsibility of the BUYER should BUYER desire said utilities. SELLER makes no claims as to the costs of said utilities

There are no known pending orders issued by any governmental authority with respect to this property other than those spelled out herein prior to closing date for execution of this Purchase Offer and Agreement.

It is agreed that this Purchase Offer and Agreement shall be binding upon each of the parties, their administrators, executors, legal representatives, heirs and assigns.


The BUYER shall be given possession of the above described premises upon Purchase Offer and Agreement execution.


Upon receipt of payment of this Purchase Offer and Agreement, the SELLER shall prepare a Grant, Sale & Bargain Deed in the name of BUYER or BUYER's assigns and cause said Deed to be recorded with the Nye County Recorder's office. The Nye County Recorder will mail confirmed recorded Deed to BUYER within a reasonable time.

Signature of BUYER(S) & Date

_______________________________________________ Date: ______________

Signature of BUYER(S) & Date

_______________________________________________ Date: ______________

The Rapidyne Corporation hereby acknowledges receipt and acceptance of this offer to purchase the above mentioned property for the above mentioned dollar amount and hereby acknowledges receipt in the amount of $10,350.00 as payment in full for said property.

Signature of SELLER & Date

_______________________________________________ Date: ______________
by officer of the Rapidyne Corporation

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