Thank you for your interest in Bahamas SC Internet Services.

          We offer full service Internet site packages for individuals, small businesses, corporations and organizations.

          As we believe that each business and organization has a unique identity with particular products or services and varying goals, each site is individually created and customized to stringent specifications and requirements. Emphases is placed on achieving the ultimate goals of the client.

          Bahamas SC Internet Services has developed and follows a proven step by step procedure to assure you of the highest possible quality Internet site.

          The steps are;
            • Initial Consultation and information Procurement
            • Market and Target Research
            • Preliminary Plan Development
            • Review and Selection of Sample Site Pages
            • Design, Layout & Creation of Internet Site
            • Review of Internet Site
            • Hosting of Internet Site
            • Search Engine Listings of Internet Site
            • Continuous Monitoring of Search Engine Listings
            • Continuous Review and Updating of Internet Site

          Initial Consultation

            In an initial interview we attempt to determine the overall objectives of the client.

            At this time we gather information about the client's business or organization such as type, duration, volume, type of products or services, location(s), phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, copies of any product or service brochures, product or service price lists, copies of product labels, copies of any advertising material, business cards, etc.

            We also collect principal's names and background information for possible management profiles to be included in the site. Information concerning number of employees, delivery methods, quality controls, etc. is also gathered at this time.

            Information regarding the types of clients the business or organization has at this time as well as the types of clients that the business or organization would like to attract is discussed and noted.

            Various methods of promotion and what can be accomplished with Internet advertising and/or an Internet site as it relates to your business or organization are discussed.

            Samples of current Internet sites will be reviewed and input concerning the overall general appearance and layout of your site will be noted.

          Market & Target Research

            Based on information gathered during the initial interview we will conduct various searches to see what types of advertising are being utilized by like companies or organizations, do market research on targeted groups of potential clients and formulate a strategy to develop the best possible Internet site to achieve optimum results for your business or organization.

          Preliminary Plan Development

            Utilizing information gathered in the initial consultation and the results from the market and target research, an overall Internet strategy plan is developed. We then create, as applicable, a variety of the following samples for your review;
            • logos and screen headings
            • site background suggestions
            • opening / home pages
            • company or organization profile pages
            • management profile pages
            • product or service description pages
            • contact and/or order form pages
            • interactive and/or suggestion pages
            • public service or draw pages
            • any other pages as necessary

          Review and Selection of Sample Site Pages

            At this time a general review of the overall site plan is made and modified as necessary.

            Site pages in each category are selected from samples and final revisions are made.

          Design, Layout and Creation of Internet Site

            There are a number of computer programs that simplify the creation of internet web pages available on the market today. These "instant" page makers do a fine job and are relatively easy to use. However, the resultant pages are not viewable, in whole or in part, by all internet browsers. Because of this, all of the web sites created by Bahamas SC are meticulously written out in the basic Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) of the internet. In this way your web site will be viewable by ALL internet browsers world wide.

            Based on selected sample pages and final revisions, your Internet pages are written up in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and saved as Internet files.

            Final touches are added to any photographs, graphics, charts, logos, etc. and are also saved as Internet files.

            Hyperlinks to site pages and off-site pages are also added at this time.

            A directory or folder is created to house your entire Internet site.

          Review of Internet Site

            Your Internet folder is now made available for viewing with an Internet browser for your final review and approval.

            Any changes necessary are noted and implemented before going on.

          Hosting of Internet Site

            After final approval of your site, a copy of the entire folder is transferred to our main Internet server.

            Once on the main server, a duplicate or redundant site is transferred to a secondary server located in another country. In this way, should anything happen to temporarily shut down the main server, such as a power failure, etc., the secondary server automatically steps in to guarantee that your site is available world-wide at all times.

          Search Engine Listings of Internet Site

            The Internet and World Wide Web is, without doubt, the worlds' largest library of publications.

            In an attempt to assist you to find publications (home pages) and articles relevant to your subject matter, numerous organizations and individuals have set up search engine programs on various web sites.

            These search engine sites operate in two different ways. The first is very much like a card catalogue in a library. Categories covering general subjects are created and then sub-categories are created within the general categories. More specific sub-categories are created within the sub-categories and so on until the most basic or specific subject matter is categorized at the lower level.

            The second method by search engines assist with the locating of specific subject matter is by searching for "keywords" in a special section (or in some cases in the whole document) of the underlying hyper text markup language of which the page is composed.

            It should be understood that it does absolutely no good to create web pages and simply place them on the web in hopes that potential clients will just happen to come across them!

            This would be like writing an article and placing it behind some shelf in an out-of-the-way location in your local library. Your potential clients would not know that the article even exists.

            If by some strange set of circumstances (perhaps osmosis or mental telepathy) a potential client becomes aware that such an article exists, he or she would have no idea in the world of where to find it.

            If by some strange set of circumstances (again, perhaps osmosis or mental telepathy) a potential client becomes aware that such an article exists in "some library", somewhere in the world, they would have no idea in which library it is housed. Likewise, if they did indeed know that the publication existed and if they happened to know the location of the library in which it existed, they would have an extremely difficult time trying to find the publication without it being indexed in the local library's card catalogue!

            Because of this, it is extremely important to list not only your home page with all of the major search engines (card catalogues) on the web, but to also list each page!

            Furthermore, since we know that the major search engines look for "key words" in a special section of the underlying hyper text markup language of each page, it is extremely important to list, in the appropriate section, those "key words" that would enhance the findabilaty of your page(s) by the various search engines.

            Because of the above, we make sure to list your web pages with each relevant category of each major search engine, and, we verify that your pages incorporate, within the hyper text markup language, as many relevant key words and phrases as possible.

          Continuous Monitoring of Search Engine Listings

            From time to time, engines change both the manner in which they conduct their searches and their listed categories.

            We constantly monitor the Internet for new search engines, new categories and changes in existing engines. When changes occur, we immediately implement all necessary adjustments to your pages and listings.

          Continuous Review and Updating of Internet Site

            Your site on the Internet is under constant review both for integrity and content. In addition, we search out other like businesses or organizations and review their sites for content and new ideas.

            At least once per month we report to you on these market searches and make suggestions as necessary.

            During these monthly reports, we also check with you for any updates, additions and/or adjustments to your site.

          Fees (all fees are in U.S. currency)

            • Initial Consultation

            • Market & Target Research

            • Preliminary Plan Development

            • Logo Design and Layout

            • Design, Layout and Page Creation
              $200.00 per page

            • On Site Photography
              $20.00 per photo

            • Photo Scanning & Digitization
              $20.00 per photo

            • Hosting of Internet Site
              $20.00 per page/per month

            • Search Engine Listings of Internet Site
              $40.00 per page

            • Monitoring of Search Engine Listings

            • Changes of Search Engine Listings
              $40.00 per page

            • Monthly Review of Site

            • Monthly Report

            • Updating of Internet Site
              $200.00 per hour

          Additional fees may apply for more complex projects/pages or unusual circumstances.

          A one thousand dollar non-refundable advance retainer is required on all new orders.

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